Software & Systems

The following software & systems were developed by the SIMS lab:

  • DEVS-FIRE -- A wildfire modeling and simulation environment (Here is a scaled-down version: web-based DEVS-FIRE simulation). It supports both wildfire spread simulation and wildfire suppression simulation. A snapshot of the software interface is given below:


  • Agent-based Simulation of Child Maltreatment (CM) and CM Prevention  -- A web-based interface that allows users to set up a virtual community and run simulation to easily compare the impact of different factors and CM Prevention/intervention strategies in affecting the quality of child care and other related outcomes (e.g., parenting stress, parental efficacy, social support). A snapshot of the user interface is given below.


  • BehaviorSim -- A behavior-based agent simulation environment. It allows users to define and simulate autonomous agents following the behavior-based control paradigm.A snapshot of the user interface is given below.


  • The Online DEVS Tutorial System  -- A system that helps users (beginners) to learn DEVS atomic and DEVS coupled models in an interactive and contextualized manner. A snapshot of the user interface is given below.